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triggertunes is an independent music label from Berlin, Germany. I am a composer, sound designer and music producer using triggertunes as stock music trade name for royalty-free music which is exclusively licensed through AudioJungle. This music is supposed to be used in commercials, in YouTube videos, on websites, in movies, image films and video games. triggertunes also produces and sells music for personal listening through platforms like Bandcamp.



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Unique Sound Design

Every track is lovingly and elaborately created and professionally mixed and mastered. triggertunes produces unique and distinctive sounds in various genres and for different needs. And this is not just a job – this is passion! 

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Music Freelancer

You need your own very special music track from scratch? You are looking for a versatile and talented composer? triggertunes creates music and sounds according to your wishes and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact me! 

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Author on AudioJungle

triggertunes sells music via AudioJungle. There is hardly a more convenient and efficient way to get royalty free music, corporate music, sound effects, sound logos and idents than licensing via AudioJungle. Tune in and give it a try!






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What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music refers to a special method of music licensing. This term concerns the right to use copyrighted music without the need to pay royalties for each single use for the track. Usually you buy a license and may use the music for certain projects and purposes in accordance to the terms of the license.

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What is it good for?

Royalty free music is good for nearly any purpose where music is needed especially for commercial needs. You may use the music e.g. for website projects, youtube videos, stock footage, commercials, broadcasting and movies.






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Portfolio Selection






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Stay tuned!

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